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Martinez Cocktail

Martinez Cocktail

The Martinez cocktail is often cited as the mixology link between the Manhattan and Martini, though it’s got quite an uncommon mix …

Last Word Cocktail

Last Word Cocktail

You know, I almost saved the Last Word cocktail for the last post of my Death & Co. project, which I thought would be cheeky. …

fancy free cocktail

Fancy Free Cocktail

The first spec served on the rocks! The fancy-free is one of those convenient, I-don’t-feel-like-making-a-drink drinks; just a couple ingredients, nothing complicated, …

Charleston Cocktail

Charleston Cocktail

I pretty much phoned it in on this cocktail and subbed every ingredient except for the Dolin’s Vermouth.  Truth be told I …

Brooklyn Cocktail Ingredients

Brooklyn Cocktail

Ooo, check out the fancy photos!  I upgraded to a lightbox thanks to a wikihow article and Amazon box I found on …

Aviation Cocktail Ingredients

Aviation Cocktail

The first real heavy hitting classic, the Aviation cocktail and can you believe it, not only did I have every ingredient, I …