Welcome to Cocktails by the Book!

On this site, I make and review recipes from cocktail books, review cocktail books themselves, review cocktail bitters and mixers, spirits, and every now and then post on interesting bars I go to.

Right now my long term project is to make and review all 500 recipes in the Death & Co. book!


I monetize the site through Amazon Affiliates and Google Ad Sense.  If you click on a link for a specific book or ingredient, chances are it will lead you offsite to where you can actually buy the thing I’m talking about, and if you do I get a small commission.  I don’t post advertiser content though, and everything you see here on the site is written by me unless specifically noted otherwise on the post.  I’m happy to accept samples and free product to review from publishers or producers, but I’ll only post what I really think.  You can’t pay me to write a good review.


Q. I’m a spirit brand or book publisher and I want to send you something.

A. Great!  Please email me at ben (at) cocktailsbythebook.com and I’ll provide you a shipping address.

Q. Where are you based?

A. I’m a longtime resident of New York City, specifically in Brooklyn.

Q. Are you a professional bartender?

A. Nope, not at all.  In fact I work in the technology sector, but I’ve always enjoyed the craft cocktail space and over the years have had fun with amateur mixology.